Which of my clients should I survey?

Guidance for identifying at-risk clients to survey using LumaTax.
Written by Valerie
Updated 2 years ago

Some clients are more are risk to sales tax exposure than others. LumaTax enables you to proactively survey your clients to measure their risk of exposure and perform detailed state-by-state analysis, if needed. 

While you can survey any client, this article provides guidance for identifying at-risk clients to survey. 

Note: Nexus surveys and client profiles do not count against your billing thresholds unless you upload data and complete a Nexus Analysis Report.

At-risk clients may include:

  • Clients in industry verticals such as Merchandising, Manufacturing, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or Digital Goods and Services.
  • Clients with over $3-million in annual revenue.
  • Clients selling to customers in multiple states.
  • Clients with a distributed workforce. This may include having offices, remote employees (WFA), or third parties operating in multiple states.
  • Clients holding inventory in multiple states. 
  • Clients using omni-channel sales models that might include Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, Etsy, or similar channels.  

Once you have identified clients to survey, you can invite them to complete a nexus survey. To learn how, view the article Invite a new client to LumaTax using Client Connect. Or, you can complete their profile yourself.
Tip: Some accountants will also survey client prospects to help estimate their scope of services. If needed, you can archive a client from your list. To learn how, see Archive a LumaTax client.
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