Jurisdictional Tax Summaries

Eliminate hours of data preparation work for compliance.  
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Jurisdictional Summaries by Period  

  • Run tax return summaries by filing period, including prior periods. 
  • Review all jurisdiction-based tax assignments and a breakdown of total sales, taxable sales, tax collected and marketplace facilitator tax collected.
  • Export summaries to tax return software, tops down or bottoms up.  

To access these reports: 

1. Navigate to Tools > Compliance

2. Choose "States with Exposure or Registered" "States Registered" or "All" along the top navigation.

3. For a given state, select or confirm the filing frequency and click "View Summaries"

4. In the upper right, pick a filing period. This will display all periods dating back to when the company first had exposure. 

5. Review the Summary details and Jurisdiction Breakdown. 

6. Select Top-Down or Bottom-Up and export for use in tax software. 

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