Complete a Quick Assessment or Full Profile Yourself

How to manually add a client to enter their profile information yourself.
Written by Valerie
Updated 1 year ago

In LumaTax, you can invite clients to input their own information in a Quick Assessment or Full Profile. If you prefer, you can add a client and complete yourself.

The Quick Assessment helps you estimate a taxpayer’s risk of sales tax non-compliance in 3 mins or less. It's the best choice when you are unsure if a client needs a complete nexus analysis and would like to diagnose their risk quickly.  The questions primarily focus on economic nexus considerations. 

The Full Profile is best when you already know the client needs a full nexus analysis or would like a more complete snapshot of their risk. The questions cover economic and physical nexus considerations. 

Follow the steps below to complete yourself as the accountant or advisor. 

Note: Quick Assessments and Profiles do not count against your billing thresholds unless you additionally upload data and complete a Nexus Analysis Report. You can assess unlimited clients.


  1. From the Practice Summary Dashboard, click Add Client in the upper right corner. 
  2. A box for each option will appear. For the Quick Assessment, choose Begin Assessment to complete yourself. For the Full Profile, client Add Client to start. 
Tip: After you've added clients, you can toggle between clients using the dropdown option in the upper left.
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