What can my client do/ not do in LumaTax?

Learn more about your client's experience as a LumaTax user.
Written by Valerie
Updated 1 year ago

LumaTax facilitates collaboration between accountants and their clients to help users securely and effectively share information. But if you invite your client to LumaTax, they can only perform select functions in the account.

Only accountants have access to the full suite of tools in LumaTax, and this article explains what clients can and cannot do.

Clients invited to LumaTax CAN:

  • Complete a Nexus Survey. Clients can answer questions related to their business and the states in which they operate.
  • Edit their company profile information.
  • Upload and share files
  • View, download or delete any data files and documents they uploaded themselves. 
  • View how many states they are registered & collecting sales tax in, based on their profile.  
  • View their LumaTax Compliance Score (received via email). 
  • Add an additional user (such as a business partner) to their account.

Clients invited to LumaTax CANNOT:

  • View any client other than their own company. 
  • Map transaction data files themselves. The accountant user will be required to map files or confirm auto-map. 
  • View, download or delete files uploaded by accountant users.
  • Run or view nexus analysis reports. The client will only see these reports if the accountant user shares them.  
  • Initiate registration to collect sales tax. The accountant user will need to do this step. 
  • Add or remove accountant users. 
  • Archive LumaTax companies.

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